Why People Still Lose Data In 2017

Why People Still Lose Data In 2017

Even with the massive technological growth and availability of various ways through which people can prevent data loss, there are still cases of this happening in the year 2017. The major cause of data lose is human error and unless people are willing to put in extra effort to control this, it will continue to happen in the coming years.

What are the causes of data loss?

While cases of people and firms losing data have been cut down over the years, some are still persistent. Some of the possible causes of data lose in this time and age includes:


  1. DIY data recovery


When an individual or a company loses data, the first step that most people do is to try to recover the lost data on their own using data recovery software with the aim of cutting on costs. In the end, they end up making the data irretrievable even with the help of professionals.


  1. Accidental deletions


During the day-to-day activities, people are becoming extremely busy with an aim of achieving more in less time. While at it, they end up doing things in hurriedly and as a result, accidental deletions of critical data occurs.


  1. Failure to install and update antivirus software


In the year 2017, most people know the various types of antivirus available. However, not all install them on their computers and even those who do are not keen on updating them regularly. In the end, viruses get the chance to attack their computers leading to data lose. In worse cases, hackers can gain access to their private information. This not only puts their personal data at stake but also their personal security and reputation.


  1. Lack of proper back up plan


Most individuals and businesses do not have a backup plan for their data. This is mainly because of the charges that come with backing up data for example in the cloud server. When their computer crashes, if professionals are not able to retrieve the data, then they lose them completely. Cloud servers enable people to re download the lost data on case of anything but most people are yet to embrace the idea.


  1. using USB Flash Disks as a storage device


What many people do not seem to understand is that, USB Flash disks work better as transfer devices and not storage devices. Due to their small sizes, they are vulnerable to theft or any other form of physical loses. This may lead to data lose.


It is the year 2017 and we still have cases of people losing data. This can be attributed to common human errors such as lacking proper back up plan, not installing or updating antivirus, accidental deletions and using USB Flash Disks as storage devices.